Top Tips for Social Media Marketing

October 5th, 2016
digital marketing strategy

Social Media Marketing is about quality of engagement not fans and views and its becoming important to businesses in this digital era. It is helping brands to connect with customers wherever they are and whatever device they are using. We bring you our top tips to help you to make the most out of this great digital marketing tool.

Social Media Marketing Top Tips:

Social Media Strategy

Our recent research shows that 71% adults in Great Britain used smartphones to access the internet but 50% businesses don’t have digital marketing strategy. If you decided to use social media marketing, then you need to commit resources and budget. Your social media strategy must be fully aligned with your digital strategy and business goals.  Social media is all about quality of contents, if you think won’t have the right content, let us know and we can help you by producing good quality content to post to these sites.

Research Your Audience

There are more than 100 million users on Twitter alone so you should know your audience and their demographic like age, location and behaviour etc. Research your demographic. You can track all this information in the platforms’ analytics section. Once you have a better understanding of your audience you can develop better content for them and make it more relevant.

Be Social

You should be social on social media. You can speak to your audience directly. You can find out what your customers engage and what don’t. Just engaging them can really help build up and maintain a great relationship.


Social media can help you to benchmark your competitors by checking out their content and feeds.  You can get an idea what they are doing right and what you are doing wrong and how you can improve them yourself.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Always keep calm and professional if you come across negative feedback and trolls. Try to resolve the situation as early as possible. You have the option to delete the negative comments if they are causing any big issue. Things always don’t go as planned so it’s better to provide the good customer service and use social media to your advantage as a customer services tool.

Visual Content

Researchers found that coloured visuals increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80% and 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. Always try to use image and videos in your content if you can but avoid stock images.

 Be Careful

Be careful what you feed and post to these social media sites. Anything you post to these sites will stay there forever. If you post anything inappropriate, this may cause a risk to your business’s reputation by creating negative publicity. Legal issues may arise if a business feed inappropriate post or comment about any other business or individual.

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