Top reasons why your business should start using SEO

March 3rd, 2017
why business invest in SEO

Search engines are performing billions of queries every day regarding consumers looking online for products and services according to their problems or needs. Even SEO is important if you are selling offline as more than 85% people first check online before going into a store. If you have a business website or online shop, SEO can help your business to increase profit.


Here are some compelling reasons why your business should invest in SEO:


Consumers trust natural search results

83% of consumers in search engines click on natural search results and only 17% click on paid listings although paid listings appear on the top of the page. 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.


SEO is cost effective

Compared to the costs of other digital marketing channels like social media marketing, pay per click and email marketing, SEO brings better ROI. While social media is important for your brand image, SEO is backbone of your online marketing.


Compounding returns on investment

SEO has flywheel effect and offers compounding returns on investment over time. Every content you create and every link you earn is permanent. Your search visibility and domain authority will continue to grow and eventually your profit.


Better conversion rate

SEO have better leads close rates compared to other forms of online marketing. SEO leads have 13.7% close rate while other marketing channels such as direct mail and print media have 1.7% close rate.


Your competitors are doing SEO already

Although, almost every business has a website but not everyone doing SEO well so competition is low. If you are not doing SEO well, you are losing your profit share to your competitors.


SEO is a fundamental part of online marketing so the sooner you start, the better and you will increase your profit so your business must have SEO strategy if you want to succeed in digital marketing.


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