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Why you need an SEO audit?

It is very important to identify errors and issues of your website affecting the performance of your website in search engine results pages. Performing an SEO audit of your website on a regular basis is key to maintaining your organic search engine rankings. You need to make sure that your website is reviewed by experts to ensure that it is generating more leads and enquiries for your business.

We touch below areas in audit report;

Keywords Analysis: What keywords you are focusing on, what to add or remove in the keywords list and where to add keywords?

Competitors Analysis: What keywords are targeting by competitors, What are their content and link building strategy?

Technical Analysis: What are the technical issues that are dropping search engine performance and user experience? The issue will be related to website loading speed, responsiveness, website crawling, keyword cannibalization, URL redirection, indexing, and much more.

Content Analysis: What content you are using currently, what need to add or remove, where to add keywords, and how to improve the content strategy?

User Experience Analysis: How content connects with visitors, what is the bounce rate, which is the exit page etc?

Link Analysis: What are the positive and negative factors in your link profile, What is the link relevancy, diversity & authority?

What will happen after SEO audit?

After completing the SEO audit, we can deliver the report in two ways.

If you are local to South East london area and can easily arrange a meeting with us, then we prefer to discuss all these SEO issues in a face-to-face meeting. It is very easy for you to understand things in such interactive meetings and ask any questions you may have during our meeting.

Secondly, We will email you a PDF or Excel file in which you will get all the issues in details with recommendations. Then we would like to arrange a conference call with you and our experts to discuss your website issues and answer any questions you may have.

Note: The audit time frame depends on the number of web pages you have on your website. Also, analyzing each and every page of a website is a long and complex task, so it is always recommended to hire a team of SEO professionals.